This is an archive of "Thoughts on Code and Art" ( Active from October 2011 until its unceremonious deletion in July 2012, the blog served as an outlet for random thoughts on computational aesthetics and my own art practice. I am providing this archive (reformatted but unedited despite glaring writing mistakes and flawed arguments) for three reasons:

  1. A handful of people have requested such an archive.
  2. A few posts has been quoted elsewhere, often in texts more deserving of consideration than the original post. The deletion of the blog made those posts unavailable as original sources for such references.
  3. Also: Link rot sucks.

"Thoughts on Code and Art" was never intended to be a document of any consequence. It was created as an experimental outlet for random personal thoughts surrounding my work. The eventual decision to delete the blog was a combination of common blogger's ennui and the desire to eliminate a time-sucking distraction of dubious professional significance.

Over time I came to question the blog's usefulness. Blogs are time-consuming and slow-moving, especially when compared to the contemporary model of light-weight and instantaneous "content curation" through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr re-blogging. (Case in point: One Twitter user made a comment to the effect that she had never seen so much text on a Tumblr.)

All ideas have their moment. Nostalgia is rarely helpful . Kill your darlings, move on.

Marius Watz, Dec 31, 2012 (v1)

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