Nov 25-27: 3D Printing, Generative Objects and Data Sculpture with Processing, workshop at ACT Festival, Gwangju, South Korea

Oct 22-Nov 22: The Digital Visual Marlin and Regina Miller Gallery at Kutztown University

Apr 12-14: FITC Toronto 2015

Feb 23-24: FITC Amsterdam 2015


Jul 21-25: CIID, CPH, July 21-25: Open Tools: From Input To Output

Jun 11-14: Eyeo 2014


Fall 2013: Adjunct professor and research resident at NYU ITP.

Sept 13-Oct 13: All Your Vectors Are Belong To Us, solo show at TM51, Oslo

Jul 15-28: CIID, CPH: Quantified Self and Digital Frabrication workshop

May 14-Jul 13: Run Computer, Run, GLITCH Festival, Rua Red, Dublin

Mar 7-10: The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold at Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair, New York

Feb 7: Oslo LUX, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Feb 3-28: MONTHLY / Flash Crash, Nesoddparken, Oslo

Jan 25: Baltan Sessions: The Tools Series #1, Eindhoven

Nov 18-Mar 10, 2013: Space Oddity, Grand-Hornu Images, Belgium

Dec 16-Mar 3, 2013: Ornamentale Strukturen, Kunstverein Pforzheim, Germany


Dec 16-Mar 3, 2013: Ornamentale Strukturen, Kunstverein Pforzheim, Germany

Nov 18-Mar 10, 2013: Space Oddity, Grand-Hornu Images, Belgium

Nov 23-24: push.conference, Munich

Nov 3: Microwave Keynote conference, Hong Kong

Oct 18-19: TYPO London

Oct 16: Leaders in Software and Art conference, Guggenheim

Oct 2: Panel discusssion, New Aesthetic at Pratt Digital Arts

Sept 21-Oct 7: Colliding Complexities:
Extreme Feats of the New York-New Aesthetic
, Storefront Bushwick, New York

Aug 4-11: Physio/logical, Million Fishes, San Francisco

Jun 5-8: Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis

Jun 1: Intersections, symposium at New York City College of Technology

May 19: Workshop: Parametric modeling for 3D printing, New York

May 12-Jul 14: Summer Splash, [DAM]Berlin

May 5: Workshop: Generative Art, Advanced Topics, New York

Apr 21: Workshop: Introduction to Generative Art, New York

Apr 13-15: Processing Paris Masterclass workshop

Mar 29-Apr 28: Improbable Objects, group show at What It Is, Chicago

Feb 26-Mar 31: Mark Making, solo show at Mediaruimte, Brussels

Feb 18-26: Generator.x 3.0: From Code to Atoms, workshop at iMal, Brussels

Jan 13-Feb 11: TRANSCEIVER: Drift Station, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha


Nov 18-Mar 10: DECODE, Design Museum Holon

Oct 11-Mar 4: Seeing / Knowing, Gund Gallery, Kenyon College

Aug 20-Oct 30: Ornamental Structures, Stadtgalerie Saarbrucken

Jun 27-29: Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis

May 7: Signal to Noise 2 at Museum of the Moving Image, New York

Mar 20-26: Visiting artist, Small Craft Advisory Press, Florida State University

Mar 11-May: Extrusion, solo show at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Oslo

Mar 10-13: [DAM]Berlin at Art Karlsruhe art fair

Feb 11-Apr 10: Decode at Garage Cultural Center, Moscow

Feb 11: Random Number Multiples launch, Brooklyn

Jan 21: Oslo LUX, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Jan 13: Leaders in Software and Art, salon presentation, New York